Sign up Here for The 13th Annual East Hills Mayors Trophy Tournament

Join us as Mayor Koblenz hosts the 13th anniversary of the Men's Softball Tournament in "The Park at East Hills." Winners will receive prizes and have their names inscribed on a plaque at the Village Hall Wall of Fame!

The action starts Sunday, September 14, and continues until Sunday, September 21. There will be a softball competition, food, jerseys, prizes and other festivities. Spectators, friends, family, and professional scouts are encouraged to attend.

Please register well before the September 8th official 'cut off ' date, as we are expecting a record turnout. If you have any questions or concerns, email us at, or call the event coordinators at (516) 410-6666 (Stew) or (516) 527-1200 (Peter).

The deadline for the mayor's softball tournament is September 8th
- Due to format constraints, the tournament will be limited to eight teams.

For the $32 fee you will receive:

l. A team jersey,
2. Complimentary coffee and donuts, and
3. A guarantee that you will compete in at least one softball game.

(This is a single elimination event with the final game commencing September 21st.)

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