Special and Spectacular SAC Trip and Tour of Radio City Music Hall

On March 16th the Seniors toured Radio City Music Hall. The tour and trip included a professionally guided tour for an insider's look at the Showplace of the Nation: the legendary Radio City Music Hall. Opened in 1932, the exterior of the 5,933 seat landmark theater, designed by Edward Durel Stone, is a stunning example of Art Deco yet it has a sense of intimacy and grandeur. The tour even included a real life story about a world famous Rockette. Lunch followed at Benihana with all the trimmings. It was another grand event for the Seniors. Mayor Koblenz said "you can always count on the Senior Activities Committee to come up with new and creative ideas. We are very grateful for their hard work which, once again, paid big dividends for our community.

Starting the Year Off Just Right!

Appetizing - The Seniors Activities Committee held one of its finest events on Friday, January 1, 2016. The event featured lunch with festive decorations, a background of talented musicians, flowers and even wine for those who wanted to toast to new resolutions. It was the first event for the 2016 program and it was appreciated and lauded by all the 100 residents who attended the function in the Village Theatre. SAC President, Stanley Stern began by welcoming its members, introducing the organization's committee members, and then introducing the Mayor. Board members, Deputy Mayor Manny Zuckerman, Trustee Clara Pomerantz, and Trustee Brian Meyerson attended. The Mayor reviewed security issues and even answered questions from the floor. He stressed that the Instant Access Program on the homepage of the Village website allowed all questions to be answered promptly by return email, and allowed frequent responses to concerns and issues.

Shown, from left to right in the front row are Joan Perilla-committee person; Barbara Klein-Newsletter Editor; Irving Chernofsky-Treasurer; Stanley Stern-Chairperson; and Eileen Reed-Committee person. Not shown is board member Phyllis Friedlin-Secretary. In the second row, left to right, are Brian Meyerson, Trustee, Manny Zuckerman, Deputy Mayor, Mayor Michael Koblenz, and Clara Pomerantz, Trustee.


The seniors, through the SAC Committee, traveled to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the tragedy on September 11, 2001. They journeyed to the Memorial Museum in Manhattan, where a private guide took them on escalators 70 feet underground to view the 9/11 artifacts. They also visited the sun-washed memorial pool with the engraved names of each of the 2,983 victims. After the tour, they stopped for an enjoyable lunch at 88 Palace in Chinatown. The trip had so many seniors on the wait list that another tour is being scheduled. Overall, the event ranked as one of the most successful trips ever taken by the Seniors Activities Committee.

Another Senior Smash Success!

The Senior Activities Committee can take credit for another great success. On Wednesday, June 24th, a friendly, extensive barbeque was held at the Grille. The buffet was a cornucopia of delicacies from steak to more staple items like hotdogs and hamburgers. "The food was delicious" commented many board members who attended to show their support. "La Bottega outdid themselves" said Mayor Koblenz. Throughout the early evening, Stanley Stern, Chair, met guests with a warm smile and welcomed each of them. Barbara Klein spoke and announced a special impersonator would cap off the evening. Dr. Sandy Klein took photos of the event, and graciously contributed his time and talents.


The Senior Activities Committee hosted another successful event on January 17, 2015 as residents enjoyed a night of Military Bridge. The event was held at the Theater in the East Hills Park and was complete with friends and neighbors enjoying playing cards and then dining on Ben's deli's delicacies.

Natalie Mansbach, SAC chair, said, "Irving Chernofsky did a great job organizing the games, Everyone understood the rules and had fun moving to different tables as they attempted to capture a round and scoring in order to win a grand prize."

Other upcoming events now planned for 2015 include A Farewell to Arms Book Club on February 3, 2015, China Then and Now Museum on February 26, 2015, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike Theater Party on March 8, 2015, Toning and Stretching Classes from March 10, 2015 to April 21, 2015 and Spring Session of Technology Workshops from March 23, 2015 to May 3, 2015.

The Senior Activities Committee are Natalie Mansbach, chair, Irving Chernofsky, treasurer, Phyllis Friedlin, secretary, and committee members Eileen Reed, Barbara Klein, and Stanley Stern.


The Seniors Activities Committee began the New Year with another successful event. The brunch featured the fine food of Kitchen Kabaret, a singer who performed Motown music and musicians playing background music.

The members and guests at the SAC event truly enjoyed themselves and celebrated together with the strongest community spirit. Along with Mayor Koblenz who spoke about the many successes of SAC and the community during the prior year, board members Manny Zuckerman, Deputy Mayor and trustees Gary Leventhal, Clara Pomerantz and Brian Meyerson joined in the festivities. "We all take great pride in living in our fine community and I am very proud of my committee members who made this event so special," Natalie Mansbach stated "There is no better way to ring in the New Year than to celebrate together with our friends."

"The event's success was a good glimpse into the exciting upcoming year that the Senior Activities Committee has planned," Mayor Koblenz stated. The Mayor went on to add, "The Senior Committee devotes a lot of time and effort to make sure that each and every event they host is a great success. Their concentrated efforts certainly paid off with the holiday party."

Other upcoming events now planned for 2015 include Dinner and Military Bridge on January 17, 2015, A Farewell to Arms Book Club on January 27, 2015, China Then and Now Museum on February 26, 2015, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike Theater Party on March 8, 2015, Toning and Stretching Classes from March 10, 2015 to April 21, 2015 and Spring Session of Technology Workshops from March 23, 2015 to May 3, 2015.

The Senior Activities Committee are Natalie Mansbach, chair, Irving Chernofsky, treasurer, Phyllis Friedlin, secretary, and committee members Eileen Reed, Barbara Klein, and Stanley Stern.

Board Approval - Mayor Koblenz and SAC Chair Natalie Mansbach shown with, from left to right, Trustee Gary Leventhal, Deputy Mayor Manny Zuckerman, Trustee Clara Pomerantz, and Trustee Brian Meyerson.

East Hills Seniors Take Terrific Trip: Travel to Lower East Side

On Thursday, November 6, 2014, East Hills Seniors took an informative, fun-filled trip visit to the Tenement Museum, dined at Katz's Deli, and before the day had ended, toured the Eldridge Street Synagogue.

The day-long event began with a stop at the Tenement Museum. It was a real life, up close way to experience the lifestyle at the turn of the 20th century. A docent, or tour guide, recreated in words and imagery the lives of the immigrant families who lived there with true historical stories and authentic census reports, documents and pictures. This brought the tour to life.

The tour would not have been complete without Katz's Delicatessen. Hands raised for pastrami, corned beef, or tongue sandwiches, and even matzo ball soup. Some said, "I'll have what they're having!" reminiscent of the movie When Harry Met Sally.

After lunch, the trip continued with a tour of a national historic landmark, the remarkable Eldridge Street Synagogue. The stained glass windows were breathtaking, the restoration was meticulous, and the Moorish and Gothic architecture was an impressive sight to behold.

As the seniors traveled home to East Hills, they snacked on rugelach from Russ and Daughters, an appetizing store (and landmark) from the late 1800's. It was both a memorable and educational day going back to a "place in time" as memories of the past were captured.

The members of the Senior Activities Committee include: Chair Natalie Mansbach, Treasurer Irving Chernofsky, Secretary Phyllis Friedlin, and committee members Eileen Reed, Stanley Stern, and Barbara Klein.

Great Senior Brunch!

On Sunday, October 26, 2014, the Seniors Activities Committee recorded another sold-out event. The function featured a brunch in the Park with special guest speaker Marc Courtade, Business Manager of the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts and Speaker for the New York Council for the Humanities. Mr. Courtade provided over 100 residents with an insider's view of Frank Sinatra in Films.

"Calling Frank Sinatra a singer and a film actor is a major understatement. He was a superstar of concerts, recordings, movies and television," said Marc Courtade.

During his presentation, he examined Sinatra's career in films, from his MGM musicals of the 1940's, to his comeback dramatic portrayals in the 1950's, to his Rat Pack persona of the 1960's.

"Sometimes he shows great range, and sometimes he plays himself. But Sinatra is always entertaining in a wide variety of roles and genres," added Mr. Courtade.

In response to the success, Natalie Mansbach, Chair of the Seniors Activities Committee said: "We are so delighted that the theatre was filled to the rafters. I thank the Mayor and Board for their great support and for attending. We have a team who, together with our board, is providing a spectacular, broad-based program for our members and residents."

Mayor Koblenz added: "This kind of event, with the widespread attendance, brings our community closer together. We are 100 percent behind SAC, and its valuable focus and programing."

The members of the Senior Activities Committee include: Chair Natalie Mansbach, Treasurer Irving Chernofsky, Secretary Phyllis Friedlin, and committee members Eileen Reed, Stanley Stern, and Barbara Klein.

Super Seniors: From left to right: Irving Chernofsky-Treasurer, Barbara Klein - Newsletter-Graphics and Design, Marc Cortade- Entertainer (not on Committee), Phyllis Friedlin - Secretary, Natalie Mansbach - Chair, Stanley Stern- Committee Member, Eileen Reed (not shown)

Mayor Koblenz joins Councilman and fellow-resident Peter Zuckerman at the event. Peter attributed his success to the training he received from the Mayor and the experience he received as a Trustee on the Village Board for over a decade. During that time he wholeheartedly supported the Senior program.

Walter and Eileen Reed Enjoy the Event.

Officials Enjoy the SAC Summer Bash!

From left to right, shown with Peter Zuckerman, former VEH Trustee and now TNH Councilman, are: Trustee Clara Pomerantz, Deputy Mayor Manny Zuckerman, Trustee Gary Leventhal, Chair of SAC, Natalie Mansbach, in back row: SAC Committee Members: Irving Chernofsky and Stanley Stern, front row: Committee Members Leah Fiterstein, Eileen Reed, Phyllis Friedlin and Barbara Klein.

Trustee Brian Meyerson Welcomes the Vendors

Vendors Display Their Wares!

Mahjong Fest on Seniors Fun Day

Completely Out of the Blue...

The seniors enjoy the water activities and athletics in one of their many extensive programs. "We are so very enthusiastic about all our senior programs" said Mayor Koblenz. "Natalie Mansbach as chair, and all her committee members can be very proud of their achievements and their efforts which have had a highly beneficial effect on our community" the Mayor stressed.


The Annual BBQ event sponsored by SAC was a huge success . Residents of East Hills were treated to a gourmet buffet BBQ that included steak, chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, various salad choices, fruit platter and desserts prepared by the restaurant at the pool. Food was plentiful and the comradery shared by all made the evening so memorable.

Added to this wonderful get together at the East Hills pool was a visit from STING-RAY ELVIS who is a remarkable Elvis impersonator. His appearance enlivened the night as residents danced and sang along to an outstanding ELVIS TRIBUTE SHOW.

Seniors Crochet Together: SAC Class Gets Warm Reception!

Taught to SAC Seniors by Students

Beautiful Belmont Day for SAC

SAC enjoyed an exciting and spectacular day on Sunday, June 1st, watching thoroughbred racing from a private room with a view of the track. The Brunch in the Garden Terrace Dining Room at the Clubhouse overlooking the finish line at Belmont Racetrack was special. The track offered a deluxe buffet ,as well as a breakfast with a Vieanesse dessert table. It was a truly enjoyable day filled with excitement and cheer.

Seniors Travel to Kykut, Home of VP and Gov. Nelson Rockefeller

First pictures published of SAC's trip to the Rockefeller Estate in Westchester, New York.

East Hills Seniors Tour the Met

The Seniors Activities Committee members and guests toured the Met backstage and even attended a rehersal on another cultural and successful trip.

SAC Hosts Military Bridge Night

The Senior Activities Committee hosted its Military Bridge Night on Saturday, January 18, 2014 at the East Hills Village Theater. The popular event featured a "full house" of smiling residents and non-residents. SAC member Irving Chernofsky explained the rules of "Military Bridge," and players found the card game uncomplicated and easy to follow. Event participants dined on Ben's delicious delicatessen, followed by a Viennese table of assorted desserts.

SAC Chair Natalie Mansbach stated, "I am fortunate to work with such an enthusiastic group of East Hills residents, who are full of fresh event ideas and are excited to contribute to our dynamic community."

Mayor Michael Koblenz commended the Senior Activities Committee for its ever-expanding list of remarkable events. "Chair Natalie Mansbach and the members of the Senior Activities Committee bring originality and are constantly adding new dimension to their impressive list of programs."

The Senior Activities Committee includes Chair Natalie Mansbach, Treasurer Irving Chernofsky, Secretary Phyllis Friedlin, and committee members Eileen Reed, Leah Fiterstein, Barbara Klein, and Stanley Stern.


Once again the Senior Activities Committee arranged a wonderful all-day event! Our bus took us into Manhattan to the New York Historical Society (79th and Central Park West). Our group had two docents who guided us through the spectacular exhibition celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the 1913 Armory Show - the stunning show that shocked the New York art world and ultimately resulted in the creation of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). We learned how this controversial show came about and were able to see many of the original paintings and sculptures that were shown, particularly Duchamp's "Nude Descending a Staircase, and Matisse's "Blue Nude". Whether art connoisseurs or merely interested spectators, we all learned something about that historic event.

After a delicious lunch at the fabulous Northern Italian restaurant Scaletta, we were free to walk around the area, shop or return to the museum. Many of us resumed our museum trip to view the special exhibition: Beauty's Legacy: Gilded Age of Portraits in America. These portraits of late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century titans of industry and their families were breathtaking in their quality and depth of perception. Yes, once again SAC provided our residents and friends with a great day!

Don't miss our next events: Military Bridge on Saturday night, January 18th with dinner and games; and Peter Max at the Nassau Museum on February 11th, with lunch at Stressa after a docent tour of the exhibition. More exciting events are planned - be sure to watch for them in our next SAC Newsletter.

Current Events with the Senior Activities Committee

On November 19, the Senior Activities Committee hosted an important and relevant current events session featuring Laura Burns of the Burns Law Group, PC. Ms. Burns discussed the Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Medicare, as well as Your Health Care and Financial Advanced Directives - The Importance of Planning. She also presented on Medicare vs. Medicaid and why long term care is essential. This significant event demonstrates SAC's commitment to hosting fun yet informative activities for all East Hills residents to learn from and enjoy.

SAC Learns about the Life of a Lobbyist!

Village attorney and fellow resident William Burton spoke to the Senior Activities Committee about his career in lobbying at the recent SAC-hosted brunch entitled The Life of a Lobbyist in Washington, D.C. As a former New York State Assistant Attorney General and Assistant Special Prosecutor, Mr. Burton explained the lobbying process and reporting requirements. He also told his favorite stories from his career in the nation's capital and in the states.

SAC chair Natalie Mansbach thanked Mr. Burton for participating. She said, "Bill's speech received such positive and enthusiastic feedback from the residents. It was informative and presented in an entertaining style. One could see from the smiles on the faces of the residents that they thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. We did not have to go to Washington D.C. to learn about lobbying because Bill brought all the excitement and intricacies to East Hills! Bill is a valued friend and supporter of Sac and we are grateful to have him on our team. "

Kykuit Retreat a Success!

Once again the Seniors of East Hills spent a fun filled and busy day as they joined the Senior Activities Committee on an adventure to visit the Rockefeller Estate (Kykuit) on October 10, 2013. Not only did the seniors enjoy the bucolic surroundings, but they also had the opportunity to view the Rockefeller family's extensive private collection of sculptures and art work. As SAC members ate lunch at Sunset Cove, a restaurant overlooking the Hudson River, they discussed the highly anticipated next stop, Union Church, where stained glass windows by Matisse and Chagal are on display. Snacks on the bus, a safe, comfortable ride and a friendly, helpful bus driver all added to a memorable day.

SAC Book Club with Guest Author Bonnie Trachtenberg

The Senior Activities Committee had a successful turnout and positive response to its guest author event and book signing on Tuesday, October 29. Bonnie Trachtenberg, author of Wedlocked and fellow East Hills resident, discussed the writing and publishing of her novel. She answered residents' questions about the events in Wedlocked, and revealed that many of them were based on her own experiences. SAC participants were surprised to discover that many characters in the book were actually drawn from real life!


The SAC Committee, (Seniors Activities Committee), sponsored another spectacular event on Thursday, June 6th . A BBQ prepared by the Park Grille restaurant and entertainer JC Revue made the evening dynamic. Thanks to SAC, senior residents did not have to go far to participate in an evening with friends, meeting new ones, while enjoying sumptuous food and outstanding Broadway music. The evening would not have been possible without the theater and other facilities at the Park. The Seniors stressed they are grateful to the Village staff led by Bill Gavin who helped to make the event go comfortable and run smoothly.

As the Seniors enjoyed a buffet of hot dogs, burgers, salads, steak, and chicken, they were totally surprised by the smorgorsboard desert "finale" offered by the Jerry Stamantinos.

JC added to the spectacular eve by performing pop, show tunes, country music and old time favorites. The Seniors raved about her performance.

Thanks go to the Senior Activity Committee for arranging this event. The members are: Natalie Mansbach, (Chair) , Irving Chernofsky, (Treasurer) Phyllis Friedlin, (Secretary), and committee members-Eileen Reed, Leah Fiterstein, and Barbara Klein.

Natalie Mansbach, chair of SAC thanked Mayor Koblenz and the trustees for giving the Committee their support and turning "a mere dream of a modern park" into a "true reality of a club".


With the help of local students from Roslyn High School, the seniors of East Hills have been honing their technology skills, learning to use iPads, iPhones, laptops, and other devices as the Senior Activities Committee, chaired by Natalie Mansbach, continues with their mission to keep the older residents of East Hills informed about the latest technological advancements.

“Our seniors are among the best in the area when it comes to using technology effectively,” said Mayor Michael Koblenz.

The students teaching the workshops benefit just as much as the seniors who take them, as they learn the value of community outreach and are treated to the stories and experiences of a generation that grew up without the constant influence of technology and the internet.

In addition to Chair Natalie Mansbach, the Senior Activities Committee includes Treasurer Irving Chernofsky and members Phylis Friedlin, Leah FIterstein, Barbara Klein, and Eileen Reid.