Grand Annual Appreciation Day Held in Honor of Devoted Community Leaders

Mayor Koblenz and board members, Brian Meyerson & Deputy Mayor Manny Zuckerman, join event co-chairs Donna Liebowitz and Kelly Spier for the ceremonial cutting of the cake. Donna Liebowitz also serves as Chair of the Park Rules Review Committee and as a member of the Airplane Noise & Air Pollution Abatement Committee. Kelly Spier is a member of the Park Rules Review Committee.

Overview of the village theater which was beautifully transformed into a great party room with hats, and photographs of people taking off and/or tipping their hats, everywhere.

Stacey Siegel, Chair of our Kids in The Park Committee, enjoying the Volunteer Appreciation Day festivities in honor of all of the hard work she and others have contributed to our community.

Volunteers enjoying a delicious brunch, catered by Greenvale Bagels.

Message from the Mayor

As Mayor of East Hills, I would like to cordially welcome you to one of the finest communities in America. By navigating through our website, we want to help you gain a better understanding of why our village has such a wonderful reputation. It starts with our strong sense of community and builds with the enviable lifestyle our resident's are fortunate to experience on a daily basis. These conclusions are supported by news reports in the NEW YORK TIMES (click here) and NEWSDAY (click here). Through this introductory note, I hope to convey all of the benefits of living in East Hills.

Incorporated in 1931, our village is the largest of all the villages in Roslyn. It is the highest point on Long Island, with its highest elevation point being 350 feet. We have 2,300 homes with 7,000 residents. This year, for the third year in a row, our residents have experienced a zero-percent tax increase. This is just one of the many reasons why East Hills has received one of Moody's highest ratings for any village it's size. East Hills is also the proud recipient of one of the highest awards of any New York State village from the AAA Automobile Club of New York, Inc. for the high degree of safety on our streets and in our neighborhood.

East Hills is one of the most exclusive communities in the United States, with the highest quality of life and remarkable facilities. Our crowning glory has been the acquisition and construction of our 50-plus acre park, which is now the center of our community. All residents are given access to the state-of-the-art facilities, which feature the largest leisure pool of any village on Long Island with a 12,000 sq. feet swimming pool, a separate pool for toddlers measuring 707 sq. ft; men's and ladies' locker rooms; a snack bar area, and a large lounge area surrounding the heated pool. It also features a village lounge with a separate card room, a village courtroom, two age-distinct children's playgrounds, basketball courts, a tennis facility with six tennis courts and a beautiful indoor tennis lounge, and two multi-use sports fields to accommodate men's and women's softball leagues, little league, and soccer competitions. Snuggled in the 15 acres of hills is a nature walking and jogging trail and even a dog trail. There is a fully renovated theater, a picnic area, and a general use field for lawn games. Finally, there are bike, rollerblading, and walking paths and two "bark parks" for various sized canine members of the family.

The Park at East Hills is host to a one-of-a-kind, spectacular July 4th fireworks display on its Great Lawn each summer. Well over 6,000 people attend this dynamic show, sponsored by Rallye Motors, which has become a fun and highly anticipated community tradition.

On Labor Day, we come together on the Great Lawn once again for a music concert under the stars and a picnic dinner. Everyone looks forward to this wonderful evening in the park, which is always a fun celebration of the end of summer.

There's something for everyone in East Hills! For the children in our community, our Kids in the Park Committee (KIP) hosts a variety of family-focused events, from the new Music for Aardvarks program to holiday parties and fun-filled summer afternoons at the pool. It is probably the most active program of its kind. The committee has held a sports Olympiad competition, summer "Caribbean Groove" party, July 4th parade and a "Spooktacular" at Halloween; has had singers, magicians, comedians, craft making events, holiday parties with vendors, animal shows, balancing acts, and has recently started a beautiful children's garden at the park for the children to watch their flowers grow.

The Senior Activity Committee (SAC) is also one of the finest programs of its kind. They have had interesting guest speakers on a variety of topics and have held technology workshops dedicated to providing residents with the latest developments in mobile and computer technology. They have had movie nights and pool parties, have held exciting day trips to museums, shows and restaurants, and even went on a trip to Atlantic City together, which everyone enjoyed immensely.

We have some of the best civic association leaders, and many of the most devoted and dedicated community leaders. A majority of our boards and committees are made up of volunteers who are passionate about contributing to the vibrancy and success of our village and work tirelessly for our community. We have over 25 boards and committees comprised of over 250 volunteers who participate on a broad range of issues from the Board of Zoning and Appeals and the Architectural Review Board to The Park Rules Review Committee and the Health Committee run by members of the medical profession who live in our community. Our new Community Outreach Committee is dedicated to ensuring that our residents' ideas and suggestions are heard and made to feel welcome. We encourage residents to get involved and make a positive contribution.

In response to the continuous disruptions caused by Hurricane Sandy and severe weather, the village recently purchased a generator to provide power to Village Hall and the Village Theatre during emergencies. This new acquisition will ensure that, regardless of the weather, our residents will always have heat, a refuse, hot showers and a place to charge their computers and cell phones. We held a first-of-a-kind "Power Day" in the park this past year. It was an event combining seminars and vendor displays to inform our community about the options available in the event of future power failures. We even waived, for a limited period of time, the permit fees for residents who installed permanent generators to their homes. We will continue to provide innovative and educational programs for our residents.

To provide great communication with our residents and offer immediate service, we created the "Instant Access Program." By using an interactive box on this homepage, residents can contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns they have about the village and I, or a member of our executive staff, will respond almost immediately.

In 2013, we also implemented a new program called "Neighbors for Neighbors." This initiative pairs volunteers from the community with residents in need of assistance. The help provided by this program includes everything from as perfunctory as periodically knocking on the door of an elderly neighbor to inquire if everything is fine, to helping a resident during a reported emergency. But, perhaps the greatest credit for our success belongs to our residents who are neighborly, outgoing, and friendly. We work closely together every day, and host and participate in a variety of fun-filled events with one another.

East Hills is also strongly committed to protecting the environment by going green, reducing emissions, and reducing the consumption of fuel. Each year, we host a "Green Day," with a focus on educating our residents on recycling and using energy-efficient vehicles and other technologies. One program by our community to help achieve these desired goals is the purchase of hybrid vehicles for the Department of Public Safety. We are also participating in a program called "Spin Green" to encourage recycling of unwanted clothing and household items. These items will be recycled, reused or renewed while helping to decrease landfill trash, helping those in need and adding a small revenue stream to our village.

In addition to our efforts to keep the village green, we also encourage our residents to engage in charitable endeavors. From our annual Blood Drive to our new Good Deed Award, which recognizes the outstanding charitable efforts of children in East Hills, we applaud those who give back to the community.

Thanks in major part to my board of trustee's, our village staff, and a wonderful team of highly involved volunteers, our village has grown in stature and prestige over the years, and is known for its many innovations and fine services. We are constantly analyzing and evaluating our regulations and services to ensure that members of our community enjoy the best possible lifestyle.

The excellent services our village provides include sanitation and snow removal; private security; road re-pavement; beautification; tree trimming and removal; maintenance of common areas, village cleaning; administration of the Justice Court; legislation and oversight over zoning regulations; approval of construction and renovations; statute revision; village taxing; village licensing; code enforcement; contracting services with our two volunteer fire departments; convenient passport services; operation of the East Hills website with its "Instant Access" feature; maintenance of all facilities; operation of the fitness center, the tennis facilities, basketball courts, the pool and the Park Grille; oversight of all village programs, including those for our seniors and children; operation of the playgrounds, the sports fields for Little League, men's and women's softball leagues and the men's Mayor's Trophy Softball Competition; operation of tennis leagues, oversight of the fireworks program, concerts in the park and all village-sponsored events; preparation and distribution of our one-of-a-kind East Hills calendar; operation of a sledding hill, "Snow Mountain," in the wintertime; operation of the Village Theatre with catering for events, maintenance of the nature paths, and the two dog parks with a "play dates" live web cam feature that allows residents to view who is using the facility; maintenance of the walking, jogging and biking paths; and a village lounge and card room.

We invite you to stop by our Village Hall next time you are visiting the area. You'll receive the same warm and friendly welcome that the members of my administrative staff give to all guests and residents.

I hope that this summary has given you a good understanding of our community and what makes it so special, unique and enviable. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this remarkable village. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to showcase East Hills.

Michael Koblenz

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Petition For Equitable Distribution of Commerical Airline Traffic Over Long Island

Public Service Announcement

JETS AT EVENT FOR ROSLYN SPECIAL PTA: Joel Levine announces that tickets for the 4th annual Monday Night Party w the NY Jets on October 20th, 7PM at Fresh Meadow Country Club are now on sale at Last years event was a tremendous success and this year promises to be even better.

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Our Village's program has been called the finest sports competition of its kind. Thanks to Stew Faden and Peter Wagner, co-chairs, on October 5, 2014 the championship game will be held at 9 am on the sports fields. All residents and their guests are invited to see the fierce competition. Join us! It's Fun! It's Great Softball! It's Competition at its Best!

Special Event Almost Filled - Tour of the Tenement Museum, Eldridge Synagogue and Lunch at Kat's Deli

Do not miss the opportunity to join your neighbors on a whirlwind East Side Tour of Landmark sites. Step back in time with a docent led tour as you experience the lower East Side immigrant story and discover how they coped. Visit the restored homes of immigrant families, engage in a discussion with a professional guide and reflect on the amazing endurance and strength immigrant families displayed during uncertain times. Then on to Katz's deli for a "sit-down" lunch and feast on matza ball soup, 1/2 sandwhich ,and other "goodies". After lunch, on to the Eldridge Street Synagogue for a docent led tour to view the splendor and rich history of this National Historic landmark. Total cost for residents is $75. - non resident- $95.00- Includes Bus, all tips, snacks, lunch , docent led tours and discussion . Coupons (sign-up) available in the Park Office at the Village of East Hills.

New Art in the Park Date

Join us in creating a beautiful art mural for your children & the East Hills community to enjoy FOREVER!

October 1
October 2

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Fall 2014 Mommy & Me Classes at the Park at East Hills to start soon
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Annual Appreciation Day Held in Honor of Devoted Community Leaders

The annual event honoring the village's volunteers who work tirelessly throughout the year to help make East Hills so special, took place on Saturday, September 13, 2014 in the Park Theater. This year's theme, "Hats Off To Our Volunteers" was beautifully interpreted by Co-Chairs Donna Liebowitz and Kelly Spier.

Mayor Koblenz said, "We are very fortunate to have such a hard-working, devoted and conscientious team of volunteers to help us accomplish our community goals. I thank everyone who has been a part of the East Hills team for making our events, committees and boards so successful."

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Friends for Friends

Our first friends for friends event will take place on Friday Oct. 10th from 7-9pm at the East Hills Park Theater. Game night! If interested in participating, send an email to

Michael Kosinski Presented with "The Award of Distinction" by Michael Koblenz

Michael Kosinski is presented with one of the East Hills most coveted awards "The Distinguished Leadership Award" by Mayor Michael R. Koblenz. Shown with the Mayor and the honoree are, from left to right, Trustee Gary Leventhal, Barbara Kosinski, wife of Mr. Kosinski, Deputy Mayor Manny Zuckerman, and Trustee Brian Meyerson. Trustee Clara Pomerantz who is not shown, also commended Michael Kosinski for all his tangible achievements over the years.

On Wednesday, September 17, 2014, Michael Kosinski was presented with the most prestigious award in East Hills, The Award of Distinction, at the Board of Trustees meeting at Village Hall. He received the award for a lifetime of achievements for the Village of East Hills, including serving as Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals and helping to implement the Park at East Hills.

The award, which was presented to Mr. Kosinski, reads:

"Presented to Michael Kosinski for his tireless work, dedication and valuable assistance in helping to plan, design and construct the Park at East Hills.

Michael Kosinski's commitment, perseverance, input and involvement has been highly beneficial in helping to transform the former Roslyn Air National Guard Station into an award-winning park,with the finest sports and recreational amenities for all its residents.

The Village, therefore, expresses its greatest gratitude to Michael Kosinski for all his many successes, and presents this Award of Distinction to commemorate his exemplary achievements."

Mr. Kosinski was selected by the Board of Trustees. The members include Mayor Michael Koblenz, Deputy Mayor Manny Zuckerman, and Trustees Gary Leventhal, Clara Pomerantz, and Brian Meyerson.

Fitness Center Yom Kippur Hours

Friday, October 3rd: 7am - 5pm

Saturday, October 4th: CLOSED

Sunday, October 5th: Regular Hours Resume

Jodi Golden Given Golden Award as She is Named "Role Model of The Year" in East Hills

Jodi Golden was presented the first "Role Model of the Year" by Mayor Michael Koblenz for her courage in the face of adversities. The Mayor stated: "This award involves a profile in courage, what you might describe as valor under fire. The hero in lone survivor comes to mind, and Jodi Golden is our own, real life Marcus Luttrell. She is a truly extraordinary human being who is challenging health and adversity head-on, and smiles as she continues to face these obstacles. We commend Jodi for her resolute determination, and present her with our first 'Role Model of the Year in East Hills' Award. You see, Jodi is bigger than life. She teaches us how to overcome hurdles. She is a wonderful person and sets the finest example for all of us to follow." From left to right, with Mayor Koblenz, are Jodi Golden, Peter Zuckerman, former trustee in East Hills and now TNH Councilman, Deputy Mayor Manny Zuckerman, and trustees Gary Leventhal, Clara Pomerantz and Brian Meyerson.

The Golden Family With Honored Mom!

Green Day/Great Day Held to Salute the Environment

A special day was held in East Hills to salute the environment and showcase hybrid cars, products and services which will promote and protect the environment. "The event was an overwhelming success" said Mayor Koblenz. "I thank Clara Pomerantz for organizing the function. It is valuable and informative" added the Mayor. Shown, from L-R, front to rear are Trustee Brian Meyerson, Trustee Gary Leventhal, Trustee Clara Pomerantz, Deputy Mayor Manny Zuckerman, former trustee and now TNH Councilman Peter Zuckerman, and Mayor Michael Koblenz.

Thanks to the extensive planning and highly successful implementation of the annual Green Day event, which also included a prize, the Village celebrated Saturday, August 30, 2014 as a special day for the environment. Shown, from left to right are Green Day Chair Clara Pomerantz, Mayor Koblenz, former trustee and now TNH Councilman Peter Zuckerman, Deputy Mayor Manny Zuckerman, Trustee Brian Meyerson, and Trustee Gary Leventhal.

2014 Great Softball Athletes and Coaches

East Hills Gets One of Highest State Fiscal Reviews

When the Office of the State Comptroller tested all villages in New York State this year for stress conditions, Long Island villages scored on the average of 32% with the lowest percentage being the absolute best. East Hills was proud when its score was announced at a mere 3.3%.

Mayor and Board keep taxes at zero increase for fourth year in a row with cost cutting measures, the elimination of new projects, with extending the natural life of equipment and getting valuable grants from the State.

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New Meetings with the Mayor Program

While meetings have always been readily available with Mayor Koblenz, now he has reserved specific times on the weekends to encourage residents to meet with him. The meetings can address any issue from new ideas to concerns or compliments. The Meetings with the Mayor Program is a sister program to the "Instant Access Program," which offers immediate responses to questions on the homepage of the village's website. To make an appointment, see the box below.

Aircraft News

CBS Televison Covers Mayor, Board Members Challenge to Low Flying Aircraft in East Hills and other Villages

Increased Aircraft Traffic Noise Over East Hills

The Next Board of Trustees meeting date is October 22, 2014 at 8:00pm in Village Hall.

Senior Page with Upcoming Events

Complimentary Special Pickup Started March 3, 2014. Call for an Appointment 516-621-5600. Program Ends October 31, 2014.

Recycle Disposal!

To further our Eco friendly green efforts, the Village has added collection bins in the Park for recycling clothing, shoes, toys and household goods. Working with Spingreen, we can decrease landfill trash, help the needy, while adding a new revenue stream to our Village of East Hills. One left sock? A chewed up Teddy bear? No problem...just drop it in the bin! These will be recycled, reused, or renewed.


Residents are invited to meet with Mayor Michael Koblenz on almost all weekends to discuss issues, concerns, or concepts.


Write your questions, suggestions, or concerns here and get immediate turn-around wherever possible, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Instant Access Program in East Hills is unique program created by the Koblenz Administration.

New List of Approved Trees for Replacement

Large Trees for Replacement
Medium Trees for Replacement
Small Trees for Replacement


2014 Village Calendar

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Norgate Civic Association Annual Meeting

October 8, 2014,
Bryant Library, Glannon Room,
7:30 pm

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Park Rules Review Committee Invites Input

The Park Rules Review Committee, led by Donna Liebowitz, welcomes your requests, comments, and ideas for changes or additions to the park rules. As the seventh season begins, an ongoing review of the rules will be made based on the needs of the community. To initiate the analysis, all residents are invited to send in their suggestions to provide the committee with their thoughts and input. Simply fill in the box below and the Committee will have the benefit of your recommendations.